Seven books that changed my life

I had the privilege of leading a World Book Day assembly last week. I talked about chart Euro Australian Dollar a few books from my shelves that had shaped the way my life turned out. Here goes! Philips’ Concise World Atlas I loved this as a kid, trying to imagine what it would be like in all the different places. And I was fascinated by the section at the … Continue reading Seven books that changed my life


My painting for March takes the story of Jesus’ ‘transfiguration’ and sets it on Peel Hill. In a rare secretive glimpse of Jesus’ divine nature, some of his disciples accompany him up an unnamed hill and while he prayed, he started glowing white. Then two ancient figures, Moses and Elijah, appeared next to him. It’s a strange story.   I wondered what it might look EUR/CAD - Euro to Canadian Dollar forexContinue reading Transfiguration

Didn’t see it coming

Susie bought me this book by Carey Nieuwhof for my birthday; she thought it might do me good. The central premise is that there are several traps that can knock people off-course in life, and that people are unaware of them before they strike. So by reflecting on them beforehand, we might be able to avert them. The seven pitfalls described are: cynicism, compromise, disconnection, … Continue reading Didn’t see it coming

Blessed are those who mourn

Tonight we reflected on the spirituality of Kurt Cobain, and the gifts that might offer to the church. A few global friends who couldn’t be there asked if I could record it. I haven’t ever done this before, but here we go! We had a discussion part way through and I’ve edited out everyone’s voice apart from mine as they weren’t clear, so I hope … Continue reading Blessed are those who mourn